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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2015-12-23, 04:19)Milhouse Wrote: @bill_orange: Here are two RPi2 test builds. Try them and report which works best, assuming there is any difference at all.

#1212y: Reverted PR8497
#1212z: Reverted PulseAudio -> ALSA Bridge (PR:4509 and PR:4482)

Well, I have to fall on my sword on this one. Both1212y and z exhibited the lock-up.

Upon this discovery, since I agreed with you that the three changes you redacted were the only conceivable culprits in 1206, I repeated my rather time consuming testing to see if I had somehow misidentified the offending build. I apparently did screw up somewhere. The build first exhibiting the problem is 1207 not 1206 as I reported earlier.

I also found that only about 60% of my albums are affected by this problem. All tracks play fine. This would lead me to suspect that the problem has more to do with how the embedded album information in the MP3 is handled than with the audio portion of the MP3 files. Although not consistently, the albums exhibiting the problem tend to have been ripped the earliest, many years ago when ripping was young.

Any thought? Oh yes, Merry Christmas!

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