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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-04-01, 09:51)kieranc Wrote:
(2016-04-01, 07:57)locust Wrote:
(2016-04-01, 02:47)Milhouse Wrote: New Krypton build #0331: RPi / RPi2
(Supercedes previous build)

Hi there, new Raspberry Pi 3 owner here. Installed OpenElec via NOOBS then copied this .tar file to the Upgrade folder.

Upon reboot it showed the output in top left corner, indicating updates occoured, kernel, etc.

However, now the system just freezes on the new blue KODI logo upon bootup.

Have rebooted multiple times, this did not work for me. Any idea?
This mirrors my experience with #330 and #331 but if you wait long enough, it will get past the blue Kodi screen, then complains about PVR addons for a while before rebooting.

I suspect this is happening because in Addons21 the PVR clients have been marked as enabled, when they shouldn't be. Which until a week or so ago wasn't a problem when LiveTV is disabled. But now the LiveTV enabled/disabled switch has been removed, and the decision to enable LiveTV is made on the basis of having one or more enabled PVR clients installed in the system.

Consequently when migrating an old Addons database that has one or more enabled PVR clients (but disabled LiveTV) you are suddenly left with a new system that has one or more active PVR client you don't want, all trying to do something (and usually failing) when Kodi starts.

What maybe should have happened is that when the PVR clients are migrated to the new Addons22 database, they should be enabled/disabled based on the LiveTV setting - disabled PVR clients remain disabled, but "enabled" PVR clients should be migrated as disabled if LiveTV is not enabled.

Even a user with a single enabled PVR client - and who has disabled LiveTV - is going to have a less than stellar user experience after migrating to the new Addons database, because that PVR client they weren't using before will become active again and the user won't know what is going on while they stare at the Kodi splash screen for several minutes.

But that's what these test builds are for, to identify these problems before they impact ordinary users, and for that we are all grateful! Smile

Disabling pvr clients in Addons22.db/Addons23.db is probably the easiest/quickest solution:
systemctl stop kodi
sqlite3 /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database/Addons23.db "update installed set enabled=0 where addonID like 'pvr.%'"
systemctl start kodi
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