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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-04-01, 10:34)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-04-01, 07:43)herrmeier01 Wrote:
(2016-04-01, 02:27)Milhouse Wrote: The obvious change in #0314 is the switch to dynamic device tree but that is a kernel-only change, and you're not copying the kernel from copying #0313. Although the dynamic device tree changes were in the kernel tree on 13 March they were not included in the #0313 build, as it was felt better to blacklist them until later.

What if you re-install #0331 (ie. latest build) using keeping the #0331 firmware, delete *.dtbo from the /flash/overlays folder, reboot - do you still have SPI problems? You should have just the *.dtb files left in your /flash/overlays folder.

I made a quick test with #0331 in the morning and delete all the *.dtbo files in overlay directory. But now I must copy first the old *.dtb overlay files from #0313 because the overlay directory is now empty. I will try this in the evening.
By the way is SPI and on-board sound card support not included in the base bcm27*rpi*.dtb files? Actually there is no extra overlay file needed for module support. Just parameter dtparam=audio=on and dtparam=spi=on to switch on

Hmmm... I wonder why your overlays folder didn't have dtb files? If you install #0313, it will populate the overlays folder with dtb files. If you then upgrade to #0331, it will populate the overlays folder with "dynamic" dtbo files, while leaving the dtb files untouched. So for the dtb files to be missing, this would suggest you haven't done an upgrade from a pre-dynamic device tree build (ie. #0313 or earlier) to a dynamic device tree build (ie. #0314 or later) - maybe a "clean" install of some kind? Or something else has caused the dtb files to go AWOL.

Anyway I wanted to see if #0331 (ie. the latest build) would work better with the dtb files than the dtbo files as I believe the kernel will still use dtb files if there is no dtbo file. If it did, this might help narrow down the issue to the spi dtbo file.

I did always manually update or downgrade and delete the files in overlay folder thats why there missing. In the evening I will copy the *.dtb files back from #0313 to the #0331 installation and delete the *.dtbo files. After that I make the test.
Thanks a lot for your help
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