setVisibleCondition() & setAnimations()
Two new methods have been introduced to python.

Allows XBMC to control visibility of your controls.

setVisibleCondition(visible[,allowHiddenFocus]) -- Set's the control's visible condition.
    Allows XBMC to control the visible status of the control.

visible          : string - Visible condition.
allowHiddenFocus : bool - True=gains focus even if hidden.

List of Conditions - [url][/url]

  - self.button.setVisibleCondition('[System.KaiEnabled + !Skin.String(KAI)]', True)

Allows XBMC to animate your controls:

setAnimations([(event, attr,)*]) -- Set's the control's animations.

[(event,attr,)*] : list - A list of tuples consisting of event and attributes pairs.
  - event        : string - The event to animate.
  - attr         : string - The whole attribute string separated by spaces.

Animating your skin - [url][/url]

  - self.button.setAnimations([('focus', 'effect=zoom end=90,247,220,56 time=0')])

A big thanks to Asteron who made setAnimations() work properly. Also a thank you to cptspiff and nano-. Smile

You need SVN revision 8035 or newer. has been updated to support these methods. For an example script and the updated
For python coding questions first see
ok, i have updated to the new guibuilder and abit confused using Visible with it.
I used to do:
But using conditions like this within the skin.xml no longer works, only setting it to False or true seems to work.

Do all visible conditions now have to be set via the script?
oh, this is also causing problems in XbmcLyrics with the playlist pos and the Party Mode Enabled buttons that needs to be fixed :-D as at present they both overlay each other
DW! updated XBMC and that fixed my problem and the problem i thought was in xbmc lyrics :-D ALL GRAVY!
i'm glad i didn't read this until you solved your issue, cuz i was lost. Smile
For python coding questions first see
yeh, with using an old build of xbmc and the new guibuilder, it caused issues with skin.xml using visibile conditions, if anything apart from false is used, the control is always shown. Updating xbmc fixes this.
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