Current state and vision about AudioDSP
(2017-07-07, 23:45)bsoriano Wrote: If I understand correctly the timing of your rework, when you release a working version (that you use yourself in your living room), it will work only on Leia? Also, when you release this, will you be releasing pre-compiled Windows versions of the addons? Thanks.

Sorry for the delay, but I needed some time to think about how I would publish a test version of AudioDSP V2. At the moment I try to think in steps and avoid a lot of planing and of thinking about stuff that is currently not the focus.
It will be based on the latest Kodi version that is released at this time, because my goal is to integrate AudioDSP V2 into Kodi at the end.

Providing a AudioDSP testbuild without add-ons is more or less ridiculous, you wouldn't have much possibilies to test AudioDSP V2. So yes I will try to provide prebuilt add-ons. I think I will use our jenkins server and integrate the most of the existing add-ons including AudioDSP.

Does this answer your questions?
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries is available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.

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