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(2015-12-30, 03:54)hdmkv Wrote: I've watched 1080i live and recorded TV (ATSC USA mpeg2) on both Shield and Core and find playback just fine. No jaggies or tearing that I can see.

Thanks Smile

Is there any documentation from NVIDIA maybe what deinterlacing method is used on the NVIDIA Shield TV?

I know I'm asking a lot, but my eyes are simplky really picky regarding deinterlacing of live TV. Was rteally happy with my Chromebox just that I need Netflix and the Gaming capabilities are also great. So if someone could tell me more precise on wich level the Shield is deinterlacing it would be really great.

Thats my only open point missing, which if turns out to be almost on the same level as the chromebox, would let me immediatelly buy two Shields.

Thanks again for your support here Smile


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