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(2015-12-21, 03:52)wrxtasy Wrote: Kodi 3D media players basically fall into 4 camps:
  1. [Linux] Decodes MVC in full and renders 3D in full, natively via Kodi: the one and only Raspberry Pi. Pi2 is recommended as 3D needs its extra horsepower.
  2. [Android] Decodes MVC in full and renders 3D in full, via an external player, with Kodi as just the front-end (HiMedia Q5/Q10, Zidoo X6, HiMedia H8, etc.). Just be aware that some external players are implemented very cleverly, using Kodi's videoplayer UI around them, so they almost appear like Kodi's player (but, skins, subs and other functions won't work properly).
  3. [Android] Decodes MVC in full, but renders 3D in half (so quality will be similar to HSBS and HTAB). This uses Koying's recently released MVC hack and is expected to make its way to AMLogic Sxxx boxes like WeTek Core, Minix U1, etc.
  4. [Android] VidOn solution (offered by Minix and Tronsmart). VidOn is a blatant GPL infringer, but they use a proprietary solution for MVC 3D. Makers of DVDFab are behind it, so they're well-versed in Blu-ray 3D. It has come to light however that VidOn's 3D output is really half-resolution, not full as they advertise, so similar to #3. My recommendation is to avoid VidOn, not only because of GPL, but because their solution exhibits several key issues (lack of 23.976, HDMI handshaking issues, etc.).

Confused as to why the Raspberry Pi is the only one in Linux that can do this, but not the Chromebox. Don't they both run OpenElec?
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