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@wrxtasy I've read on this forum the past couple of days a lot and I saw your name popping up more than once and since I didn't find what I was looking for yet, i'm just gonna ask you directly here. (hopefully you're gonna see the message and take the time to answer)

My issue is pretty simple.
I need a cheap tv box ONLY for kodi use for the online content mostly for watching 720p/1080p online content such as TV series or movies.
I do NOT need to do gaming on it, render 3d, 4k or anything like this. I do NOT need to stream local content on it since my TV is an F6400 Samsung 46" (no 3d, no 4K) Smart TV and I use plex to stream on it from a PC with just the Plex app from samsung app store.
I prefer the box to run kodi smoothly and to have Android 5.1, but that's about it. ( I saw the Tronsmart S95 Pro was around 60 euros on, and yes I will prob buy it from and I prefer something in the neighbourhood of 60-70 euros give or take)
I didn't know until I saw on this forum all the VidOn problems and I really don't want to buy a product from them. i use kodi for 2 years on my PC and I respect the people that are developing it (Kodi) for FREE too much to do that
So the main points would be
1.Android 5.1
2.ONLY watch online content from different add-ons 720p or 1080p
3. Decent remote so I wont have to buy a new one ( this is nto a dealbreaker, i'll just use the Kore from my phone if it's too bad, but a nice signal remote not having to push 3 times a button to respond would be great)
4. price around 60 euros
5. Running kodi smoothly

P.S. I don't want to use my PC to stream kodi from it or anything like that

Thank you !

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