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(2016-01-13, 16:14)tyem Wrote: @wrxtasy @dukester if any of you can recommend an website that can deliver the Nexus Player to Europe, Belgium, would be great.

maybe ebay or amazon, im not really sure tho because your going to have a hard time finding any box in that price range even in the USA besides the fire TV sticks which are on android 5.0 iirc but they use amazons closed ecosystem so you wont be getting android TV style control with that one and they are not the most powerful devices around and there's no 24p support with them either.. tough one, either up your budget or go china box, but be prepared to have to mess with the firmware at a minimum, theres no support from the manufacturers and the devices are basically community maintained on freaktab . probably wont get any help here with those devices either.
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