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(2016-01-23, 03:02)psysfaction Wrote:
(2016-01-22, 21:50)greygooser Wrote:
(2016-01-22, 04:09)psysfaction Wrote: I would get a braswell box since the price is not much higher but you get HevC (h.265) hardware decoding.
I have tested the AsRock Beebox and the Zotac Nano both with braswell CPU and they run Openelec very smooth.

Thank you. I ended up going with the Zotac BI323-U which has the Intel N3150. Was only $100 from Amazon Warehouse. I was thinking of getting 1 x 4GB stick of ram, is that sufficient? Also would like to know if its efficient/easy to run openelec from a USB drive/SD Card so I don't have to buy a 2.5" HD. Thanks again for the advice, I'm glad I avoided the J1800 Processor.

Personally I would put a small SSD. 32gb will be enough and it's only around 30 USD.

As for the ram I would put 2x 2gb ram or 2x 4gb
Because it improves 4K video decoding when you have ram in dual channels mode I believe.

Thanks again. Picked up a cheap 16GB SSD and will also follow your advice about the 2 sticks of RAM.

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