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(2016-02-16, 06:21)wrxtasy Wrote: You may be mixing up the number of Transport channels with the number of audio channels supported over S/PDIF.

Kodi will use 2.0 Transport channels to stream compressed 5.1 AC3 / DD / DTS audio over S/PDIF.
See here under Audio Output device.

It really does not matter as all the Nexus will see is a HDMI connection to your TV. The Audio extractor box does all the hard work and will be transparent for all intended purposes to extract 5.1 Audio and fire that out over S/PDIF.

You need a Audio extractor that supports HDCP & EDID Pass Through for DRM protected Apps otherwise you get a black TV screen.
Hmm, maybe that is the best solution then. Do the 2 devices you noted in your earlier post support what you said here?

Nexus player will probably be $50. That seems to be the recent sale price at a couple of places.

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