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(2016-02-16, 19:54)wrxtasy Wrote: Sorry yes, put my damn glasses on and did a word search. Your correct.

Supports HDCP, Video EDID Pass Through Smile
Great, thanks again for the help. Picked up my $50 Nexus Player from best buy today. I'll hook that up today and get Kodi and the other apps I need installed and see how it all works with audio just going through the TV speakers. HDMI to SPDIF box should be here Thursday. I'll have that in pass through mode and test some DD5.1 and DTS content I have. Any audio settings in the Nexus settings that I need to set?

Am I not going to get 5.1 audio from Netflix though SPDIF? I thought I had read that somewhere.

And if there's an app that isn't available on the Nexus Plus, but is on my phone and the app has chromecast, I can still cast from the phone to the nexus player to watch that content?

As long as the audio converter works well and I get a good connection to my router, seems like this is a good solution for me. An AMLogic box looks like it might have been fun, but I bet it could become a headache quickly, especially that this is for the main family room so others, less technical, will be using it. This sounds like it should all just work.

Once all is set up, I guess I'll try to sell my WDTV Live Plus. Seems like I can still get a few $s for that on ebay.

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