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(2016-02-17, 04:36)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2016-02-16, 23:08)lexluthor Wrote: Am I not going to get 5.1 audio from Netflix though SPDIF? I thought I had read that somewhere.
From some light reading I believe these HDMI / S/PDIF Audio extractors use switches on the box itself to Spoof the EDID handshake data needed to communicate with the Nexus to say, "hey send out 5.1 Audio - I can handle it". You set DD/DTS switches and that is what the Nexus will output.

For families, especially with Kids. The Android TV OS is going to be more user friendly to use day to day with a remote control.
The WeTek Core is more of a flexible OpenELEC / Lollipop - dedicated Kodi box with refresh switching, 24p, HD Audio. Proper Hardware deinterlacing etc. compared to the Google Nexus or FireTV's.

All the other Nexus questions, will get more attention if you ask over in the dedicated Nexus player thread.

I'll look at that other thread, but i think this is going back. Already spent too much time on it. Video is bad on my old 1080i RPTV. Seems like interlacing issues. Maybe this is why i haven't ever upgraded the WDTV since that supported 1080i.

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