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(2016-02-28, 02:19)jakejm79 Wrote:
(2016-02-27, 21:15)smallclone Wrote:
(2016-02-27, 19:03)jakejm79 Wrote: I'd take a look at the Chromeboxes, depending on how intensive your windows use is an i-core NUC might be a better bet.
Would need a little more information about your usage and media library to give a specific recommendation, but something like the Revo might work.

Cheers man. I have around 1200 rips. Most are ok quality (3 or 4 GB mkvs etc). I will not b using windows for intensive things. Literally just browsing, office, media etc

Well I was referring to if the content is 4K, HD Audio, etc. Based on the little info provided and the guess that you don't need 4K I would take a look at Chromebox, but if you have the budget for a higher end NUC then go right ahead.

Chromebox OK for 2160/30p and below in H264. Wouldn't suggest it for 2160p HEVC/H265 or >30p.

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