START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
You really need to define what type of 4K you will be viewing ?

Decent - 8-bit [email protected] / H264 / HEVC = Intel devices listed on Page #1 or a AML S812-H device like the WeTek Core.

Decent - HDMI 2.0 / 10-bit / HEVC [email protected] capable = nVIDIA Shield. Plus this will also do 4K Netflix.
Kodi will limit video output to 8-bit on all 10-bit capable platforms.

If you are brave and like to gamble with Firmware quality - an 10-bit 4K HDMI 2.0 AML S905 device.
No 1080p or 4K Netflix on those. MINIX provide decent quality Firmware with their U1, which you pay for.

Limited to 4K at up to 30Hz + a proper 4K Amazon Prime streaming App = Amazon Fire TV2
This device also limits 4K video output to only certain "Approved Amazon Apps"

Rip your own 4K / UHD Blurays, well then your completely out of luck due to copy protection. Even the Software companies supplying the tools for Home Ripping use have either given up or been driven out of business by the MPAA or related entities.
See this recent article on DVDFab:

The real problem is availability of 4K video content and AACS 2.0 copy protection. That has not been cracked. The dodgy 4K re-ripped HEVC movies I've seen are 100GB+ for a single 90 min movie alone.
The other question is can you visually see the difference vs 1080p on a 55 "TV anyway, especially after you read some 4K info in links from over HERE

At the moment, you really are just better off using instant playback - better bitrate (compared to 1080p) - 4K DRM video streamer platforms like the Shield and the AFTV2 if you are interested in 4K video content.

There are also 4K HEVC DVB Satellite test streams in parts of Europe currently.
I need to warn people that you need to be very careful with hardware choices if you want to view such content properly.


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