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@wrxtasy - Referring to this - linked - post of mine - Can you suggest what Chip/Box direction I could go? This whole new chip series has me confused Smile
Haswell, Broadwell, or Braswell

Quote:Hmm.. interesting mix up.. And how/ where does Skylake fit into the comparative of these 3?

I ask because I wont need 4K content anytime in 1-2 years. But I will have a 4K monitor driven by my Laptop/ Surface Pro 3.
So, 720p content mostly & 1080p if I can do HEVC i.e. Save Space

But, I need to get 2 SLAVE boxes:

1 - Sophos UTM / PFSense - Dual NIC or add a NIC for SOHO/ SMB

2 - Slave Box to do things that I can dump/ delegate off my Primary Laptop
Daily Slave jobs:
Torrent/ Downloading
XBMC/ OSMC/ Kodi box - 1080p upscaled to 4K monitor - Currently using ATV1 (move to parents/ living room) on 1080p Monitor
Once in a while - Overnight slave jobs
Format/ Zero/ DBan/ Ghost/ Clone/ Image some NAS/ 3.5"/ 2.5" hard drives - Basically hacking around without bugging my primary

3 - OSX86 - For some Xcode - Not planning to code a lot - But play now n then - Hence going through Compat lists on their forums.

Trying to figure out what would be most cost efficient/ value for money - Yet do the above 1 separately - 2 & 3 as a Unit together
(2016-02-29, 13:09)wrxtasy Wrote: Two problems:

- Unless I'm mistaken, the Baytrail Z3736F cannot Hardware decode HEVC content, nor does it pack enough CPU grunt to Software decode 1080p HEVC. I'm assuming properly decoding 1080p HEVC is the required standard in 2016.

- The Intel Cherry Trails, and Braswell hardware have superseded Intel Atom Baytrail Hardware

- Windows and Netflix GUI navigation may have improved with a Helper App like:

Ultimately is still won't be as integrated as using a proper Netflix App on Android, especially if your using the Android TV OS version with its very easy GUI navigation.

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