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I've been looking into deinterlacing recently on Android platforms as it appears there is some trouble with mpeg2 Interlaced content and the Android mediacodec(stagefright) decoder. If its H264 Interlaced content only you are watching that is Transcoded from a HDHomerun you will likely be fine.

Basically the Android OS looks like it refuses to hardware decode this mpeg2 Interlaced combo using mediacodec.
The FireTV's have issues, the Google Nexus HERE, the nVIDIA Shield is having problems HERE , and the new AML S905, if its using mediacodec will also have issues. Basically its a Google Android OS problem.

EDIT: It appears the Shield is using VPU Hardware deinterlacing after all in most instances.

For excellent quality mpeg2 TV broadcast hardware deinterlacing on a budget you grab a RPi2/3 or a AMLogic box, preferably a AML S812-H or a S905, and use amcodec to hardware decode with the VPU doing the Motion Adaptive deinterlacing.

If you want 1080p Netflix with a AMLogic box the only option is a WeTek Core, that can also run the remote control friendly Android TV OS version of Netflix with Android OS dynamic refresh rate switching, just recently being included into that.


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