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(2016-03-01, 12:51)wrxtasy Wrote: Exactly the type of Info I was looking for thanks, added to the "Noggin's knowledge" master file Wink

Yes for Native, I would only trust the RPi's or Intel Gear to do a proper job deinterlacing that type of content (excluding Native VC-1 with Linux on Intel of course)
It may improve when Codesnake finishes the new Krypton / AML decoder for AMLogic Hardware.
The AMLogic stuff does OK with 576i MPEG2 Live/Recorded TV doesn't it? It's just, for some reason, the DVD VOB program stream format causes issues?

Quote:I'm going to tag this Native Interlaced content 'Old School" rips from this point onwards, just like a few of us on this forum !
Nothing old school about it though, so that would be a bit misleading. Any DVD released of a 50Hz (rather than 25Hz) shot video will be 'native interlaced'. Plenty of that stuff still around - entertainment, sport, music concerts etc.

We use 'native interlaced' as opposed to just 'interlaced' to indicate that this isn't progressive content within an interlaced stream (which won't have motion between the pair of fields in the frame), but is actually properly interlaced content (and has motion between field pairs in a frame)

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