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(2016-03-01, 14:17)wrxtasy Wrote: @noggin,
Yes 576i mpeg2 Live/Recorded TV is fine on AML, its the Native interlaced mpeg2 VOB combo that is causing issues.
Think you mean native interlaced?
Quote:Not a lot of us realistically have a lot of that Native content anyways.
Many people won't - but some people will, particularly those who like music (opera, pop, rock etc. concerts are often native interlaced) or sport (ditto). I think the 'not a lot of people have it' argument is flawed. You are either compliant or you aren't. It's definitely wrong to recommend a platform as perfect if it won't properly play a compliant DVD IMO. I was really disappointed to find my C1 wouldn't play my large collection of music DVDs :-(
Quote:Agreed, Native Interlaced it is for the name, I will link to your Explanation to help everyone. Smile

Yep - suspect there will be a fix at some point - it's unusual for platforms to play one form of native interlaced MPEG2 but not another.

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