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Hey Smile

Just wanted to ask, since the pi3 is out now what would be the best to do in my case.

Thing is, i got my gamepc connected to a 46 inch tv atm. Running a Quadcore at 3.4 with 1 gb
grap card and 8 gb mem. Its standing in the living room now and i dont like the noise it makes
Also, even tho it works at less then 20% most of the time, the power comsumption is another thing.

Since i only ran it on a pc, i am totally lost now what box to buy. Theres so many sellers
but most are from china and i dislike those products since there is no support.

So im thinking about buying the Pi3 now. Performance wise, vs my quadcore, will it be much lower?
Like menu's / search times etc. ( i know its just out, compare it to a Pi2 then Smile )
Is it wise to go for a Pi3 when all i do is just stream movies and series in 1080p.

Thanks for any advice Smile

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