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(2016-03-04, 09:45)nickr Wrote: With mpeg2 or h264, up to 1080p the picture quality of any pi is very good. All of them have the same graphics engine.

movement around menus etc, which is cpu dependent, is quite good on pi2, and should be better on pi3. But ask me next week when mine arrives.

Just get a 3, if you don't like it some geek will take it off your hands at pretty close to what you paid.

checking back to see how yours is doing Tongue Still didnt buy one yet.
Call it lazy, or not sure if it will do what i want it to. Will be first time i buy
something like this. And although i hate mt htpc buzzing in the living room, aprox
70 euros for the set is still a lot for me.

Also a question, using the pi3 as a htc, does it require a heatsink?

Looking at what % my htpc runs i doubt it but reports on redit shows the pi3
can get real hot and start to throttle?

thanks Tongue

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