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You are in Ultra Rare Air if its an Android Box to connect with an External DVD Drive.

I would not try it on any AMLogic device due to mpeg2 vob file playback problems with some DVD Rips. Ones that have Motion between the frames and need deinterlacing. Plus you would need a DVD drive externally powered.

Windows 10 on something like a Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus would be the best Bang for the buck for what you are looking for with a Windows HD Netflix App and the ability to connect a usb DVD drive. The Cherry Trail Z8300 comes with a whole bunch of Hardware decoded playback Options due to its excellent 8th Gen Intel GPU.


Looks like this drive Optical Drive is Android compatible, and should work on something like a nVIDIA Shield.
Samsung Ultra-Slim Black Optical Drive, M-Disc Support

NOTE: Someone will have to chime in about how Kodi handles decryption of DVD's and if its even possible from Android.


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