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Not sure whats going on the the C1+ never had any of these skipping or crash issues, as I run exclusively from a SD card, connected via Ethernet. Sounds like a Network, buffering cache issue. Troubleshoot over in the C1 thread please.

Best bang for the buck at the moment in the Windows 10 / Kodi world would be the $140 Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus.
You get 1080p DRM streaming for Netflix in the Windows 10 App.
Only thing it does not do is HD Audio passthrough, but HD Audio to Multichannel PCM output is possible I believe.

In the OpenELEC world you then have the proven Chromebox, Braswells, WeTek Core, RPi3.

fmpeg2 has had a bunch of optimisations for HEVC decoding packaged into it lately and you can now Software decode low/medium bitrate 8-bit 1080p HEVC on non Hardware decode HEVC capable hardware like the Chromebox and RPi3.

60Hz 4K YouTube needs a nVIDIA Shield or a HDMI 2.0 capable S905 like the Odroid C2 or the MINIX U1. You can run the remote friendly Android TV OS version of YouTube on any Android Lollipop platform.
I use the C2 exclusively for 10-bit HEVC decoding running the WeTek Jarvis Mediaplayer and 4K YouTube clips on Android Lollipop, its a quick snappy device even with Android Lollipop. Smile


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