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(2016-03-25, 05:02)wrxtasy Wrote: I knew someone would bring this up.
The HDMI 2.0 S905 C2 I have plays back 4K YouTube clips. All the GoPro stuff, any 4K I can find on YouTube, so I'm not sure what codec Google are actually using for 4K YouTube clips.

I've set the Android GUI to 2160p60Hz420 on the C2.
Are you saying that you can select 2160p60/2160p50 for those 4K clips? Check these screenshots: one is for the SHIELD which has 2160p but no 50/60fps YouTube streaming for any resolution (shame on you Google!) and the other one is for the Minix U1 which does have 50/60fps streaming for 720/1080p. We just had a discussion about this on Minix forum.


Minix U1

Here is the link to a true 2160p50 clip:

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