START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Tinkering = RPi3 or Odroid C2 both will be pretty snappy.
No OpenELEC currently on C2 and I would not use it for Interlaced TV viewing due to broken codec display modes when refresh switching is turned on. Works well for 8/10-bit HEVC decoding and general Kodi video playback using mediacodec in Android, just avoid Interlaced TV at the moment. Read the HardKernel forums for current issues.

WeTek Core and MINIX U1 have both been reviewed to death. I would not be mucking about with custom Firmware on the WeTek Core. I have seen 3 people now brick the device due to corrupting the DRM HDCP Keys with flashing Foreign Firmware which results in a black screen and video output is stuffed.

Chromebox is still the OpenELEC virtual Plug n Play King, can now even Software decode low/medium 8/10bit 1080p HEVC, HD Audio Passthough, the best deinterlacing, the list goes on.....

Workout what video codecs, audio requirements and/or and Android App requirements you have and go from there.

PS. Don't forget WeTek have a bunch of new AML S905 gear out in about a month that will shake up the budget end of the market.


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