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(2016-03-30, 12:16)9800pro Wrote: Ok, so Core it is. I do like that it has RF remote with air mouse function as a bonus.
Also there isn't any Chromebox available here in Croatia and as i now have Kodi running on laptop i don't want another "PC".
To be fair the Chromebox isn't really a PC. It's similar in size to the Core and boots directly into OpenElec. No Windows, no Ubuntu. To me there is zero difference in 'experience' terms between a Chromebox running OpenElec and a Core running OpenElec, other than the Chromebox rendering the UI more fluidly.

Understand that they are trickier to get in Europe. The HP 260G1 is very similar (needs a DP->HDMI £5 adaptor) and was available for <£100 at one point in the UK, but I think that was to get rid of excess stock. There is a Zotac based around the 2957U too.

The Core is a great box - though there's probably a reason I always end up switching back to my Pi 3 or my Chromebox, and not using my Core. (It's probably the DVD MPEG2 issue - as I have a lot of concert DVDs that the Core won't play).

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