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(2016-03-31, 14:07)TeleFragger Wrote: got some good reading to do here....

got HDHomerun Prime / Plex / Kodi / NextPVR / MceBuddy all running. to xbox one, xbox 360, ipads, androids, smart tvs, roku streaming sticks. Out of it all I am going to see what in this thread would be best to put into my bedroom (wireless and remote to watch live tv via kodi using hdhomerun prime). Current setup works but you go into plex channel watch then exit and find next. want to boot straight into Kodi, hit tv guide and go.... wondering if kodi/nextpvr supports channel up and down too..

so as stated.. much to read!!!!!!!

p.s. thanks for everything you guys do... your donated time is appreciated!

I think you have a couple of options with your HD Home Run.

1. If you have a compatible Android Box - use the HDHR app outside of Kodi for Live TV.
2. Run a compatible back-end outside of Kodi that has a good Kodi PVR client (I mainly run TV Headend in Europe - but that really needs to run on a Linux box, but if you run a Linux/OE box you could run it on that as well as Kodi) I don't know much about NextPVR. If you are using MCE there is a reasonable MCE PVR Client in Kodi (I've used it to check it out - but TV Headend does what I want well)

The Chromebox and Core are both worth a look - as is the Raspberry Pi 3. The ODroid C1 or C2 is an outside bet too - though a bit more tinkerer-level IMHO.

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