START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Ok so I see lots of potential here and I see my needs are not as much of a demand of most of these devices.
Do not need HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc...

just Plex / Kodi

so originally I was going to go with one of those.... cheap android boxes ($40)... for my use of total legal needs.

so let me explain...

I have a roku in my master bedroom.
It connects to my Plex server via the plex app in Roku
I then go to the HDHR View beta plugin
Then go to my channel I wish to watch.

Works great Live TV - didnt get to the kodi part yet...

however if I am on CBS I can hit the back button on Roku, scroll all the way down to ABC and go in. Ok still works.

for the techy I am it is fine. My son also has a Roku and does this and he is fine with it. It is that other person in the house call "Wife".
She is used to:
* Last Channel
* Channel up/down

so upon googling I found out that Kodi does live tv and also does nextpvr for dvr. I set this up in my garage and LOVE IT. Kodi is great. I know you can bend rules but in my house, we dont do that.

so now I am trying to see what device I need that could potentially allow me a few WAF points (wife acceptance factor)

1. Use Kodi to get to TV Guide - very nicely done and vs plex you scroll through just the channel stuff now and isnt as nice
2. Use a remote - Roku does but wondering if there is a box that does channel up/down and also last channel?

so my needs
Box where remote is main control
hit button tv guide?
channel up/down? - no biggie if you can hit button to tv guide
Last buttonHuh

as you see I do not need all the bells and whistles or features that most have like surround sound, 4k, storage connection, etc.

I have a youtube channel I created I would post if allowed too - want to make sure im not doing anything wrong.
but it is 7 separate videos showing each step of the full solution.
hardware / HDHomerun Prime / Plex / Plex Live TV / NextPVR / Kodi - Next PVR / MceBuddy

so if anyone is interested in seeing this and it is ok let me know and I will post it.

for me my needs are to stream dvr'd shows without commercials around the house to devices as there are no cable tv lines in that room.

so let me know which box would suit my needs and please the wife so I can return my cable box... last one in house I could return (keeping main in living room)

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