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(2016-04-05, 05:16)wrxtasy Wrote: Those FireTV Sticks should really only be used for streaming DRM Video Apps and very casual lightweight Kodi use with the included remote control.

Personally for cheapish Kodi use only you really are better off getting a Chromebox or similar to just run Kodi exclusively on that with OpenELEC. Remove Kodi from the Android OS equation completely. A Set and forget setup with OpenELEC.

Nexus Player is getting long in the tooth, if you can find one for $25 on sale, it may be worth a look at that bargain price.
Here is how external storage is treated on the Nexus with Android Marshmallow:

Thank you for your help this is great info. I'm liking the wetek core. Looks like it has everything I want and at the right price point. I found some of your other posts on here and just to confirm, this box does do Netflix in 1080hd? What about hulu, will I get at least 720 with it?

I read the wetek core has some wifi issues and might struggle if not right next to the router. Have you any knowledge of this?

Please note that yesterday was the first time I've ever heard of OpenELEC, so please help me wrap my head around this. I understand it's a dual boot box with android and OpenELEC. You recommended I remove Kodi from the Android equation, so are you saying that Kodi on this box will run on OpenELEC and not Android?

Also, how would I update Kodi on this?

It seems like anything I install from the Playstore would run on Android?

Thanks for letting me pick your brain brother and for all your generous posts.

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