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(2016-04-19, 20:55)Leeler Wrote: Okay, I'm a total newbie so pardon if you're answering an already asked question.
So, in the case of an a AMLogic type android device, the manufacturer is the only place I can get updates? Meaning if I buy a no-name brand the possibility of future updates is nill.
Thats what you're referring to when you say firmware. The OS. Android?
Is there a firmware hacking community?

I can do a certain amount of tinkering around to get it to work, but at the end of the day, I want it to just work so I can watch my stuff.

Again I apologize if I've wasted anyone's time.

There are multiple camps :

1. No-name vendors selling cheap boxes with very basic Android builds (usually Android 4.x at the moment). You get what they come with and that's that. You are unlikely to get updates from these manufacturers, so bug fixes, security updates, improved functionality are not going to happen. By the time they've started shipping the box, they've finished development and are working not the next box. If you are very lucky some enthusiasts may pick up the platform and develop the odd ROM for them - but that could brick the device, and if the developer gets bored or stops using that box, you're stuffed. They're cheap, and worth every penny...

2. Reputable vendors, who have a track record of releasing updates, even for older devices when they are now selling new models. These will usually cost a bit more, but will have updates, may well get functionality improvements (the Wetek Core now has PCM 5.1/7.1 and HD Audio bitstreaming, improved dual boot etc.) They are also likely to have decent support forums and contribute to the Kodi forums here too in a meaningful manner. They cost more, but deliver more.

As wrxtasy has also said there are a couple of solutions that don't fit into either camp. The Raspberry Pi and the ODroid C1/C2 are not sold as full products, but because of their popularity they have multiple developers working on them, and get frequent updates and improvements. The Pi has an amazing level of developer support - but the hardware functionality is not ideal if you need guaranteed HEVC 1080p playback. The C2 is still rough-around-the-edges and has significant audio functionality missing - but is looking very good. If people can crack PCM multichannel and/or HD Audio bit streaming in Linux it will do almost everything other than 3D (It already does 2160/60p HEVC with HDMI 2.0 output - and will play back 10 bit HEVC, albeit output at 8 bit)

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