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(2016-04-23, 10:30)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2016-04-23, 09:23)noggin Wrote: The new S905 boxes should do most things on your list other than Full HD 3D, though HD Audio pass-through has yet to be seen on them.
Ahem, 7.1 HD Audio Passthrough works already on the S905 MINIX U1 and I'm assured it will also be on the upcoming AML S905 devices from WeTek such as the Hub when running Android Lollipop. You really need to go and look at the MINIX U1 forum to do some pre-reading of any problems this device has.

Ah - had missed that. I stand corrected. Looks like a couple of S905 Android boxes claim HD Audio bit streaming now. (Though not PCM 5.1/7.1 - which makes FLAC and AAC multichannel a bit boring)

Quote:No OpenELEC on the U1, but you will get OpenELEC on the upcoming WeTek Hub. However I doubt you will get 7.1 HD Audio passthrough with OpenELEC on the Hub, just the regular 5.1 AC3/DTS passthrough.

That's a real shame. I do hope that gets sorted, along with the ongoing issues with interlaced DVD playback.

Quote:Full 1080p / Frame Packed 3D is just a marketing gimmick unless you have a Home Projection theatre system to get the full immersive 3D experience IMHO. A small TV does not do 3D justice, unless you sit really really close. I would certainly not limit my Hardware options just to get Frame Packed 3D.

Sorry? I cannot agree with subjective statements like that. I have a 49" UHD Passive 3D-capable display which delivers 3840x1080 resolution to each eye. 960x1080 HSBS and 1920x540 HTAB 3D look dreadfully soft on it. The only 3D I would consider watching would be 24p Frame Packed Full HD. Anything less looks soft and is uncomfortable to watch.

If you want to watch 3D on a 3D-capable display, then Frame Packed 3D Full resolution content is the only content worth watching in my opinion.

I live, some of the time, in London. I live in a relatively small flat. Viewing distance on a 49" display for 3D is fine, and gives me a pretty immersive 3D experience. We don't all have huge living rooms, and some of us have great eyesight...

If 3D is important to you, it's important to you. Just because you don't care for it wrxtasy doesn't mean that others don't, and it doesn't mean they are victims of marketing gimmickry. I have a 3D TV, I have 3D content. I want to watch it in a convenient manner. Currently the Pi 3 is the most convenient way I have of watching this. It also plays all the content I have in my library (including stuff the Core won't/can't play...) with the exception of some 2160/60p and 50p HEVC stuff - which is test content and not really something you watch that often. I have no HEVC content other than this as I source all my content myself (DVD or Blu-ray discs I've purchased are losslessly ripped, TV recordings are left in their native H264 or MPEG2 format) Stuff I master myself from broadcast quality sources I master to H264 at a decent bitrate.

If HEVC and/or UHD were important to me - I'd undoubtedly end up with a two-box solution at the moment. There is no current universal box for everything.

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