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Hello friends,

I currently have an old ION2 Zbox that I use as HTPC. It is very old and I believe it is time to replace it.

I want a box that supports the following features:
1) I will use Kodi for playback, since I have other Kodi boxes in my home (I use MySQL for sharing the library stored in my NAS).
2) HEVC 10 bits playback.
3) 4k support.
4) 5.1 audio passthrough.
5) Auto frame switch and resolution, etc.

My videos are stored in my NAS, which is connected to my router through Gigabit Ethernet.

I have found NVidia Shield TV very interesting.

Can you confirm that NVidia Shield support all those features?

If yes, which version of Kodi should I use in Nvidia Shield TV?

Thank you in advance.

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