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(2016-04-28, 14:31)jmalcolm001 Wrote:
(2016-04-28, 14:09)Sharpey Wrote: It's an Intenso one, only bought in the last couple of years. I think it does spin down on its own.

Turning the system off is easy enough from within Kodi, and it's played the files I've tested so far well. Turning it on is the only real issue at the moment as plugging the cable in and out is a little cumbersome. I know you can leave it on but I know what my sister/brother in law are like, it will seem alien to them and they will moan about i.

Is there an easy to install on/off switch anyone can recommend?

Here is an on/off switch with a remote control for $10 on Amazon.

Thanks for that link, never knew they existed and especially for that modest price.

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