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Looking for a new box to replace an openelec Revo 3610 (many years good service) Smile

It is going to be connected to a new 4K TV and because most of my content is locally streamed x264 720P I would like something capable of running Lanczos upscaling. I am also getting cable TV via a HDhomeRUN/Cablecard unit so the ability to run deinterlacing would be useful as well. It does not need to support NetFlix/Amazon or other services (an AFTV 1st gen handles that on a different input).

The Revo has lasted me a good 6 years (!) It seemed overkill at the time hardware wise but spending a little extra worked out well. Certainly compared to some of the other TV's in the house that I went 'cheap on' and started with Pivos, then went to Ouya, now on AFTV's. Smile

Any suggestions? As a left field idea I like emulation of older systems. Something running Windows/Linux that could also in the future support the ROM browser extension would be kinda cool. Horsepower helps there of course. Especially if you are looking at anything past PS1.

As a last point.... I'm lazy / err I mean I'm busy. An off the shelf unit or something that just needs a graphics card added would be neat. Installing an OS is fine but I prefer not to hardware build. Also the unit is in the living room center console so relatively quiet is a requirement.

If I could get away with less than $600 that would be good. If it is more then that is okay as well. Of course less works as well. Smile



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