START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Great Thread! I've been going around in circles with this for a while. Orginally I was thining of RPi as a media client either for Kodi (TV's) or Squeezeplug (Ceiling speakers) or maybe even both...seemed like an interesting project to try get whole house audio as well...but that's goign off topic.

So I really just want something that can connect to my yet to be built NAS box. My requirements are:
- At least Full HD netflix, youtube, other streaming services that are available.
- Pass through Dolby Digital/DTS to my yet to be bought amp
- Kodi, for playing media/streaming/Live TV (will install a backend dual tuner on NAS box)
- Android, mainly for apps such as Australian Catchup TV, Netflix, Presto, Stan, Plex and games.
- Gigabit ethernet, I prefer a fixed cable to for streaming...
- Decent remote or something that would work instead.
- WAF, WAF, WAF...I can't afford to spend too much time tinkering :S
- not cost a fortune...and I'm in Australia, so that's a real tricky one!

i think that's all.

So basically, I looked at cheap android boxes on eBay (don't think they do the first two), Nexus (no ethernet), Nvidia (fortune), Wetek Core (probably fits the bill) and now I've seen Odroid C2 but I'm still not sure how much effort is involved or whether it ticks them all off. Obviously, I'm happy to research and tinker, but it'd be nice to have something that works OOTB Big Grin

Not sure if waiting for the Wetek Hub is worth it or not, but either that or the Core seem to be high on the list. I'd be happy with a stable cheap box, if I knew what it could or couldn't be customised to do (as winterfell44 indicated he got it working well)?

thanks for any feedback...

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