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Ok, my post got kinda ignored in the 4k thread (which went a bit offtopic), so i am asking it here too :

I am wondering what path should i take. My typical use is content served by Plex (via PlexKodiConnect) from my local fileserver, plus Twitch/Youtube streams. So yeah, not much 4k content yet, but i want to be as much future proof as possible.

Currently i have a Broadwell i3 NUC (NUC5i3MYHE), which has two DP++ capable outputs. It can do 4k30 as it is.

I would want to have something capable of 4k60 (thus HDMI 2.0) with CEC support (because it is annoying to put the NUC to sleep manually or even on timer, because then it shuts down when i don't want to; on my other N2930 box with same CEC adapter i set it up exactly as i wanted to work).
My current choice would be to keep the NUC, add Pulse Eight CEC adapter (ideally the USB one for future compatibility if i move away from this NUC) for HDMI-CEC and one Club3D CAC-1170 (miniDP to HDMI 2.0 active adapter) (or CAC-1070 + miniDP->DP adapter before that, as this would be good if i decided to move the Kodi task to my Skylake based server (which cannot do Kodi right now because of Proxmox having only older Intel GPU driver) to get HDMI 2.0 output from one of those mini DisplayPort outputs. The issue with this choice is that it costs 80€ as it is, while using something relatively overpowered for the intended use.

Is there a good alternative to this setup before i splash out the money on it ?

PS: For typical alternatives i seen on this forum - NVIDIA Shield is not available in my country (also very expensive), so i would have to order it from ODROID C2 can be bought locally, but it is kinda expensive (62.51€ including taxes, plus 8GB eMMC would be 30€).

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