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(2016-05-19, 23:27)winterfell44 Wrote: Extensively tested the MXQ Pro earlier; briefly:

- No issues with any of the x264 or x265 up to 1080p files I tested at all
- No weird playback issues; 23.976 works and I notice no judder in Kodi 16.1; there is a HDMI setting to enable in settings
- No crashes or overheating
- Default Kodi (got rid of the preinstalled apps) is slick. No sluggishness
- General UI is equally slick; the important settings bits are blown up as part of the skin so easily to see on a TV
- Glaring bright blue LED for the power which also seems to be the IR, can't be disabled, dims for soft off by remote
- No hardware power button as with the WD; soft off by remote then wall
- Remote is functional although poor compared to the WD - no play/pause buttons just seek which is just odd
- Power adaptor is at least 25% smaller than the WD, which is welcome
- Despite running Lollipop, this is running an old kernel. Doesn't really matter for playback, just a note.

Didn't test the WiFi although looking at reviews online (cnx-software) its functional at best, don't expect speed. Ethernet recommended. Not interested at all in anything online so can't comment there. I set up a Google Account with a plugged in USB mouse and it was fast enough, no hang ups of slowdowns so the browsing part seems to work. Lastly, the actual cost price for these is around $33 USD, if you are paying more than roughly $50 delivered to your door after accounting for shipping, any taxes, and markups you are getting ripped off. I picked one up for just under $63 delivered in 24 hours with a local seller. Box is pre-rooted and comes with an .apk installer so installing apps is easy offline. For the price this is exactly what I wanted - an offline WD media replacement. In a year I may even pick up a new S912 or newer model with Marshmallow. However, if you want a perfect slick polished all rounder for online and offline buy a Shield.

Good review

But the big problem with these chinese boxes is that you don't know what you are buying. I can buy a MXQ Pro from the same retailer that you bought and it can come with a completly different PCB board.

I bricked a MXIII-G because it was a MXIII-G outside but a M8S inside.

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