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(2016-06-18, 04:19)tom_allyn Wrote: After going through this thread I'm very confused! I have been using a Google Chromecast, but I'm now looking for something that I can easily use to replace cable TV. I'm a 53-year-old who isn't interested in anything very complicated. I like something that is plug and play, but that I could also add apps to. I made the mistake of purchasing a KodiElement after watching a review and IMO it was a royal POS - sent it back and got a refund. I'm simply looking to cut the cord from Comcast Cable and save money in the long run. I'd like to spend under $100.

So what you probably want is a dual purpose device, that will allow you to run KODI (not exactly sure what sources you are going to feed it though, other than OTA) and allow you to run some premium apps (like netflix, hbo go, etc).

You should probably look more towards a device for cordcutting, and be weary (of course) of anything offering too much for too little (like the box you already returned).

There are plenty of legal options to allow you to cut the cord, like netflix, amazon prime video, hulu, hbo go (and showtime/etc/etc) and so on.
You can get over the air local stations (OTA) if you are within range of local towers.
Then there are some grey area addons/etc that KODI can do, as well as some not even close to grey. You'll need to go outside of the official forums for any of that, and then you are swimming with the big boys, so be ready for that.

This thread is more for the best option for a KODI machine/box, since there are so many x86, arm, linux, android, etc options out there these days. All this talk in the first few posts about perfect 24p, 7.1 bit streaming, all you want to find is one that has the features you want/etc for a good price point.

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