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(2016-07-08, 04:21)wrxtasy Wrote: I'm going to disagree with buying a RPi3

Just a note that wrxtasy produces builds for AMLogic so may be somewhat biased.
I am also biased as I maintain the raspberry pi 3 builds so I'll put forward another viewpoint.

The raspberry pi is a very mature and stable platform. It has been running xbmc/kodi for four years.
The four year old Pi1 is still supported, and receives regular firmware/kernel updates and still runs the latest kodi.
I don't think there are any other 4 year old ARM devices that can still run the latest kodi.
The raspberry pi has something like a 70% share of openelec/libreelec users, for good reason.

Sure, if a feature is essential that the Pi doesn't support, then you should look elsewhere.
But for the vast majority of users, the Pi3 does everything that is required and runs kodi very well.

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