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Thanks for the insight and opinions everyone. I may decide to go with something more powerful than an Rpi3 for my main setup (70" 4k) in my living room, but for now I'm trying to find a low cost replacement for the current (WMC, Xbox360) setup that my wife uses in my master bedroom (42" 1080p) and my kids use in our den (55" 1080p). They couldn't care less about 8/10 bit HEVC hardware decoding, 2160p resolution or 24bit audio, so I'm not going to spend the cash just so my kids can watch Disney channel in 4k.

I have a Pi1 that I experimented using Kodi with but, of course, the hardware couldn't handle the LiveTV streams or most of the 1080p I tested with it. I have a Pi3 coming from Amazon tomorrow, hopefully it will fit my needs for the wife and kids. It'd be great if I could get 2 low cost Pi3's for them and save the big bucks for my 70" 4k setup.

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