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(2016-07-09, 06:36)wrxtasy Wrote: Budget media player perspective...

Ah well too bad if you want to view 10bit 4K HEVC video from your smart phone, or live in the real world of 10bit 1080p HEVC content that abounds on the internet... you would have to be ignorant if you have not seen what users would be viewing in the wild on a budget Kodi media player. All those users would care about is video decoding and nothing else.

Where is this content? I have to hunt for it because I'm supposed to be testing these kinds of things, and it's very hard to find. 10bit HEVC 1080 content is almost as common as a unicorn.

Even if we, dare I say, look at the pirate scene. Hell, why not. Even there, the vast majority of content is still in h.264/AVC. Even in the anime scene, which goes pants-on-head retarded with Hi10P, most content is still High Profile (*cough*horriblesubshavehighestdownloadnumbers*cough*).

No matter how you slice it, HEVC, 4k, and HD audio are not used by majority of users. We live in a world were MPEG2 is somehow still important. MPEG2! That's older than dirt, for crying out loud. These are exciting new technologies, for sure, but don't overstate them. Nothing gets on my nerves more than someone saying things like ATMOS or HDR is essential to watching a movie in 2016. All I do all day is work with end users, most of which don't even know what those things are.

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