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(2016-07-09, 12:01)Ned Scott Wrote: I could search google for some VC-1 content in an .avi with sanskrit subtitles, but that doesn't make it common. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm saying that most people don't care or need those features yet.

Possible to find != common, let alone necessary.

Even when it becomes common, that still doesn't mean anything to the user who has their own personal library and isn't interested in playing random files from the internet.

The fact remains, the Pi 3 is not "outdated" and is still a damn good recommendation.

Look up some To-r-rent sites and HEVC is the rage - small sizes. x264 is being pushed out slowly.

To that end, wrxtasy - What's the most inexpensive 1080p HEVC kodi box today (with or without 4K upscaling.. maybe 4K TV/Display will do its own upscaling) ?

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