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(2016-07-08, 23:14)lords8n Wrote: popcornmix - Can you offer some insight into OSMC vs OpenELEC vs LibreELEC? I tinkered with OSMC a bit with my Pi1 but I seemed to notice in the forums a lot of users leaning toward LibreELEC. Any signifcant difference (performance or otherwise) between them? Thanks.

At the moment, OpenELEC hasn't had any git activity for 2 months and hasn't released a stable Jarvis build so I wouldn't recommend that.

OSMC and LibreELEC are both great. It's hard to say which is better.
They both run pretty much the same Kodi so behaviour and performance will be similar.

OSMC ships with their own skin as a default, which some prefer and some don't, but it easy to switch.
OSMC has the debian system behind it, so installing packages is generally easier.
LibreELEC is small and compact, and with most of the OS read only, it is more appliance like and harder to break.
LibreELEC is very good for bleeding edge builds, with latest patches, kernel and firmware produced every night (look out for the Milhouse builds).

Give them both a try and see what you think.

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