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Yes I agree with Popcornmix and would add LibreELEC has a whole team of developers behind it that split from OpenELEC so consequently improvements and bugs get squashed a whole lot quicker.
OpenELEC has turned, really into a near solo developer project now.

@ned Scott,
We are going to have to agree to disagree, for some users the RPi3 is definitely outdated hardware. For a bunch its ideal bang for the buck Kodi hardware.
You should see the RPi hardware comments in the LibreELEC ODROID C2 dev. HardKernel sub-forum, from upgrading RPi2 owners that have bailed out of the RPi upgrade cycle to get an idea.

When I cannot view 4K HEVC video clips taken from my own smartphone on a RPi3 it ceases to fill my Kodi media player requirements in the year 2016. This is not some unrealistic expectation other users would be having as well.

All I'm doing is presenting options to users about what Codecs they are likely to encounter and what hardware will be required for decoding going forward.

(2016-07-09, 21:01)crashnburn Wrote: To that end, wrxtasy - What's the most inexpensive 1080p HEVC kodi box today (with or without 4K upscaling.. maybe 4K TV/Display will do its own upscaling) ?
I would actually get a AMLogic S905 for its 10bit 1080p decoding capabilities at this point in time. A AMLogic S805 will handle 1080p 8bit HEVC easily, and some supported LE devices are listed here:

I've also just finished a LibreELEC build for the S805 ODROID C1 that works really well.

All the S905 4K HEVC boxes are listed in this thread:

The S905 actually does decent 480/576/720/1080p --->> 2160p upscaling in its hardware. You can easily run the Kodi GUI in 2160p60Hz. I have the C2 and Hub configured and LibreELEC modded, to only autoswitch to 2160p for 2160p content and let my 4K TV handle all the other upscaling.


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