START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Hey everyone,

I've been reading through this thread, and dang there is a lot to choose from, but am needing help to figure out the best for what I am wanting.

I have a main Kodi system on a computer upstairs in my theater, but am now wanting another Kodi system for downstairs. The computer that used to be in this room I turned into a server, as I wasnt using it much. Now, I'm using the room more, and need my Kodi in there.

So, I dont like having to upgrade stuff in the future. I want to do something that is "upgrade proof" for a long while. It needs to be able to passthrough HD 7.1 sound, and while I dont do 4k right now, it will need to eventually, so I might as well get one now that can do it.

Price isn't really a problem, while I would like it cheaper, my primary focus is a working system. Should I build another computer, if so what kind of specs would be the best bet? I dont want to go overkill and get stuff that is not necessary, but still want it to do what I need. Or is there a box that will take care of me good enough?

Thanks for the help everyone!

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