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Garbage is harsh IMHO. Kodi appeals to different people for different reasons. Do I (and most users I expect) want an integrated solution? Absolutely, that is if it did what I wanted for video playback (what's most important to me). Will I take a capable video player using Kodi solely as a front-end to manage my movie/TV libraries? Yes, if I can't have the former.

HiMedia, with the latest f/w does support 23.976, 24.000 and 29.970 properly (for 2D; with 3D, still minor microstutters, which has been reported by Simon to HiMedia). Support for the remaining framerates (with auto-switching) is expected in the next f/w. What I like about HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro is versatility: 2D, 3D MVC, 4K and HD audio all there. For 4K, support for 10-bit, HDR and even DolbyVision. PQ is also excellent. It plays video types that give even the nVidia Shield trouble... 1080p yuv422, 1080p yuv444, 2160p yuv422, 2160p yuv444 (@wesk05 sent me these to test), MPEG2 29.97 4-2-2 MPEG2 1080i, etc. Also, Shield's playback of Apple iMovie 4K output isn't smooth; with HiMedia, very smooth. Edit: I was wrong about these bits; see below

I also use my Intel i3 NUC w/the MVC build, and if Intel's Kaby Lake ends up supporting HDR as rumored, along with 10-bit [email protected], then I may just ditch HiMedia in favor of that integrated solution. My only concern is that @afedchin is the sole developer for Windows MVC, so makes sense to have at least two playback player options that play all I've noted.
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