START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
I'm about to toss my FTV Stick, since it appears to be completely incapable of playing hires movies (I am talking 720p-1080p) without quitting or buffering at least twice, even with a wlan AP right next to it and a speedtest showing a solid 20-25mbit from the internet (which is the max of my line).
I run an old Denon 1312 on a 5.1 Teufel system and a 3d-capable LG TV (passive, usually SBS).

Which is the better choice at this time, the Odroid C2 or Raspberry Pi 3? Price-wise, they're only like 10€ apart.
Extra power of the C2 sounds great on paper, both would be connected via wired LAN. 4k is not needed. CEC doesn't work through the denon, so I need an IR remote too.

What surprised me negatively is the fact that my ages old wdtv live could play 1080p SBS MKV just fine, while the FTVS is choking on them so badly, they run at like 2 FPS.

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