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(2016-09-14, 06:10)Smokin_Joe Wrote:
(2016-09-13, 14:22)hdmkv Wrote: I wouldn't invest in HiMedia H8 at this point. It's Rockchip based, which is already a minus. PQ is on the flat/dull side, and I believe proper 23.976 is still not supported, nor macroblocking issues ever fully resolved.
I am buying different models one at a time.
Rockchip based...hmmm...already bought it through Amazon.
I will give it a spin and see how it performs.
What chip should I be looking for in a box?
Don't even bother unboxing it, send it back.

Recommended boxes and Chipsets keep being repeated in Post #1, AMLogic, Intel, nVIDIA, Amazon, RPi...

Rockchip is useless, there is not Kodi support for that chipset. Unless Rockchip start using standard Android Application Interfaces they will continue to be useless.

Have you actually read Post #1 properly ?

Quote:Also Rockchip and Allwinner devices are not recommended either due to their lack of official Kodi software support.
Discussion of devices "Fully Loaded" with banned pirate laden Apps and Kodi Addons will not be tolerated.

I will repeat again, limiting your choices to only those boxes with RCA Audio output connectors is going saddle you with unsupported rubbish or expensive Hardware, these are your choices. Really you best bet is try to find working cheap HDMI Audio extractors with RCA connectors and then pick a decent (supported on the Kodi forums) box.

As I said before a Headphone Socket to RCA Y cable from a TV is a far simpler, cost effective solution.

And if its Kodi only you need, avoid Android all together and simply run LibreELEC. A far simpler and relatively bug free Kodi solution. Smile


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