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(2016-09-14, 16:35)hdmkv Wrote: As for Core, opt for WeTek's Hub or Play2 instead. Believe they do 10-bit decode, but output at 8-bit (if I recall @wesk05's post correctly), but they have no issues playing H.264 and HEVC 4K videos, albeit w/o HDR.

Should add that the Wetek Hub will replay H265/HEVC 10-bit HDR-10 content in Kodi - but does so in a way that probably means you won't get HDR-10 decoding (it's expected to be output at 8-bit). Watching HDR-10 Rec 2020 stuff in 8-bit 709 looks very odd. It IS viewable - but you wouldn't want to watch it for very long - it all looks very flat and the levels are all over the place (as you'd expect)

However there is no real HDR functionality in current Kodi releases AIUI, and there are now at least three standards to keep across for consumer content : Dolby Vision, HDR-10 and HLG.

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