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@wrxtasy Thank you for your response.

(2016-09-17, 15:43)wrxtasy Wrote: Before you even get started, what Android Apps specifically are you planning to use ?
This is asked as some Android platforms are a LOT better than others, particularly when it comes to HD Netflix and HD protected, paid for video content streaming Android Apps.
Personally I am not a Netflix user. Few years ago I had a trial account for some months (Holland), and often the specific choice of movies I want to look at, was not within the library. So skipped it. I have read the limitations about 480p content. So for me, it is not that important. What the other members in the family are thinking, I don't know yet. But shall make attention to this issue.

If I should have an account to Netflix. I can pick it up from the extra apps included from my ISP IP-TV box. But if this is HD content, I don't know?
(E.g. for HBO it is). I can just ask the ISP.

But maybe some add-ons as can be chosen within the Kodi application have some new findings I don't know yet? I am not familiar with it yet, in this stage.
Using Android, it could be that I want to use it from the couch writing in an "Office" app. Image (See following text).
Android OS do give me more options to e.g. VPN connections and apps from the Google Play store, and to several servers and options already given by Synology by apps e.g. to look to my family pictures.

(2016-09-17, 15:43)wrxtasy Wrote: I have not added it yet to Post#1, but the HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro comes with a lousy Infra Red D-Pad Air mouse, which is a PITA implementation to use with Android Apps on any hardware platform. (Kodi only you will have no issues)
That's why a Bluetooth connection is important for me. To pair with a bluetooth keyboard + mouse, I do already have.
(Use it often with my tablet. A small only 4 mm thick keyboard with Lithium ion-battery, including illuminated keys).
But thank you for the remarks. Also in relation to the MINIX.

(2016-09-17, 15:43)wrxtasy Wrote: Kodi use only for a media player you should definitely look at a no nonsense LibreELEC Kodi box. Turn it on, boot straight into Kodi, mine take 9 seconds to get to the Kodi interface. Smile

USB3.0 not needed for Video Streaming, even 4K. USB2.0 is plenty.
I definitely want to choose for Android as for the apps already that can be choosen in relation tot VPN and all kind of other apps as mentioned a few.

USB 3.0 for the case you plug in a USB 3.0 drive. USB 2.0 is far to slow for copy files over the network and writing to the drive. Specially as for big Gigabyte files as from movies. So at least one USB 3.0 port.
The other USB ports, e.g. for 2,4 Ghz wireless connection of other devices instead of bluetooth could be adequate enough if they are USB 2.0

How is the automatic choice of e.g. 50 Hz / 60 Hz etc. in relation to movies?
Do the MINIX have no issues regarding to play 23,976 Hz versus 24 Hz ??

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